Good energy

Good energy

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Victorian Pleas

Shutting someone the ef up because they are talking shite

I do not oft agree with idle talk. It has been said, in accordance with our belief, that one should rather listen than speak words in haste; and that the less spoken, the better. Surely it is in this way that words carry much of their weight and significance- is it not? I do find, that ones own traits are reflected in speech thus i do request that we bear this in mind when speaking about trivial matters lest we want others to think of us as trivial. Do pardon me from being subject to such converse if it is to continue.

Monday, 30 November 2015

I look, I see, I hear

What do I learn and take away from thee, likewise, what do you want from me?

Two things human beings focus on: Seeking pleasure, avoiding pain.

Nothing is ever perfect. In the nooks and crannies of life we find the best of joys. During the poorest times of my life, I was the happiest because happiness relies not on things but on perspective and thus lies in the mind.

We may think we know what's coming, generally even, painting a simple picture in our minds and visualising an image of what our life will look like; and SPLAT! Bang in the middle of this image comes life- in all its glory; keeping you up, fixing the mess, day and night. So the elements we picked to create the happy image got mixed up and created a brooding brown instead of glorious shades of the hues in the sun.

Being faced with the unexpected and losing control over a certain aspect of your life can be disheartening; but regaining that control is ever more empowering. People are wonderful infinite shades of black and white and an array of beautiful colours. Some bring you grey, others bring you light. In every experience is an opportunity to stand back, gain some depth and understanding over the bigger picture in life- look at the work from a different angle. Suddenly, that brooding brown begins to look more like a deep, rich, classy chocolate colour, a suede, smooth texture that feels good, something you can wear now and be proud of.

And you realise that your image is just a spec entwined with a million other specs.Where do you find yourself in the midst of all of this? Where did you find them in the midst of all it? You never really know someone, yes it's true- because we are made up of layers and layers of experiences, insecurities, hopes, fears, desires, needs and expectations.

The food that we eat, the air that we breathe

They want to kill my spirit
They want to take my health, let the cancer spread
They want to rob me of my peace
They want to trample on my happiness
They want to cut my wings, see an icarus fall
They want to cage me, domesticate the wildcat beside me
They want me to be my worst enemy, stuck in the trap
They want me to be self-destructive, depression soon come
They want to press the button
My oppressors will never stop. The war inside me will never stop.
I will never conform, you cannot change me. I am who God made me.

Swinging on my heart strings, from one station to the next

Around the table of retributive justice

You will feel contriteness
like the pain of being stuck on that day on that day on that day-
A thousand potential moments play, except what you did
Every wrong choice, every wrong turn,
will burn, rise and choke you
The pride will tighten around your neck
Your words, your breath, your tears
The contamination will always be with you where ever you are
Alone; washing, with company; dancing
It will sit in the back of your mind, comfortably, like it belongs
It has spread in to your organs, in to your mind and in to every word that you speak
You keep moving, but it follows, a force which holds you still
YOU are the storm that unsettles your heart
They will run continuously and your limbs will writhe and hold on to everything around you as your hearts proceeds to stop beating
threatened against the walls of your chest by the memories and the words
Be still my beating hear. Be still.


Mama can you hear me?

Comfort; that settles your mind to rest, your heart to soften and your feelings to nest
They grow and envelop around the warm air she breathes
And flow through her soft hands as she speaks
Amidst the darkness, misery and frowns- she glows like an angel and we all surround
Like buzzing bees and fluttering moths, we warm to the mother nature gleaming bright
We seep in her energy and feed off her soul
And she still sparkles with her beautiful glow
Her smile, emanates hope and courage, yet resembles the innocent child
Mother to her child, wisdom and grace
Fragrant, yet without any scent, she sits radiantly in silence
Never failing to have us in awe of her and she continues fearlessly to exist

Saturday, 26 April 2014

The Truth Always Comes Out

We have a moral and social obligation as muslims to do our part in standing firm against oppression and injustice inflicted on our ummah. We are obliged, it is our duty to Allah to speak out and use our voices to make a difference to the muslim community. Saving one person is like saving a whole nation, so just remember, every single voice counts. We must empower ourselves through knowledge and awareness, we must seek the haqq in the midst of all the lies we hear in the media. We have a duty as muslims to stand firmly when we are criticised and ostracised for our beliefs and practices, as Allah has said we are strangers in this world, because it is not for us, for us, is the aakirah in shaa Allah. But amongst all of this, alhamdulillah we have our beautiful ummah, brotherhood and sisterhood. We must love our brothers and sisters like family. We must give them through the means and rizq Allah has blessed us with. We must educate ourselves so that when the oppressor speaks wrongly about our brother or sister, we have the awareness to speak out against the injustice. Alhamdulillah when there was the criticism on gender segregation in universities, our panel of educated muslim sisters spoke out, alhamdulillah, when there was an attack on the niqab, we stood strong against the oppression and voiced our rights, alhamdulillah, when Moazzam Begg got detained, we fought to get him released. We will continue to face trials such as these, and it may seem pointless and be tiring at times, to take time out of our lives to do something about these injustices, but remember brothers and sisters, if it were you, wouldn't you want your ummah to stand firmly behind you?

Allah is our Witness and our Protector, Allah is all we need. If we place our trust in Him, no doubt, we will gain victory.